Ani Bezzerides

So it was the set photographer, Lenny Osterman, who killed Caspere! He had popped up only once earlier this season, and was revealed in the finale to be one of the orphans whose parents were killed in the 1992 diamond heist for which Caspere was partly responsible. I greeted this news in the same perfunctory way that Ray and Ani solved the case: cool. This season of “True Detective” never really was about its plot.

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Questions submitted by my devoted Twitter fanbase:

Who was Stan, again? What did he do? Where did he grow up? Was he on LinkedIn? Facebook? What was his favorite TV show? How did he feel about the second season of “True Detective”? What did Stan even look like? Was he this guy? Or this guy? Why the past tense? Why do you think? Who killed him? Frank’s upset about his death, but why should I care?

As always, readers, thank you for your questions. Though I watch each episode of “True Detective” twice, write about it to fill my time as well as a certain amount of column space, and spend more hours each week thinking about the show than is socially responsible, I can only answer the last question with any degree of certainty: You shouldn’t care — not about the man himself, at least, who turned up murdered in episode three while working as one of Frank’s loyal goons. What you should care about, though, is what he left behind: a wife and a son. Frank and Jordan visit them in the sixth episode to deliver Stan’s cash earnings in a thick envelope.

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